Who? Judge in The Maldives.

Real? Unknown.

In June 2014, Minivan News published a remarkable and confusing story about alleged sex tapes and alleged political corruption involving a prominent judge in The Maldives.

The Judicial Services Commission has today cleared Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed of misconduct charges, citing lack of evidence to indict him in a court for alleged appearance in three sex tapes involving three different foreign women.

* * *

The JSC also cited the police’s Forensic Service Directorate’s failure to confirm the identity of the man involved in the sex tapes in its decision to clear Hameed of charges.

So if ICSTDB understands correctly, there definitely were three sex tapes floating around The Maldives. There were rumors that Ali Hameed was the man in all three sex tapes, but the video tech at CSI Maldives could not find clear proof either way.

The political context for the scandal is hard to follow if you’re not up on Maldives politics.

The Maldives Police Services formally launched an investigation in July 2013 after still images of the sex tape, alleged to show the judge committing adultery with an unidentified foreign woman, began circulating on social media.

* * *

Shortly afterwards, two more videos appearing to show Hameed engaging in sexual relations with two more foreign women were leaked on social media.

Business tycoon and former JSC member Gasim Ibrahim in July dismissed the sex tape as fake and an attempt at blackmail.

Gasim placed third in the first round of presidential polls in September and asked the High Court to annul the first round of polls.

The Supreme Court took over the case and ordered a revote claiming widespread vote fraud, with Hameed one of the four judges forming the majority verdict.

Images and symbols depicting scenes from the sex-tape formed a prominent part of protests against the court’s repeated interference in the subsequent round of polls.

The possible political corruption gets even crazier.

The room and date stamp in the sex tapes appear to be the same as that in previously leaked footage of Hameed meeting a local businessman Mohamed Saeed, the director of ‘Golden Lane’.

In that video, Hameed asserts that he was one of then Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen’s “back-ups”, and that his stand was “to do things the way Yameen wants”.

* * *

One of the men claims to have heard plans to “kill off” leader of former Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and refers to a “second person to be killed,” however, due to the unclear audio it is not clear what the parties are referring to, or the context of the “killing”.

The person believed to be Hameed then promises, “If it comes into my hands, I will kill him off.”

So the alleged sex tapes might be also be “talking about murdering political rivals tapes”. Or maybe they meant “killing” figuratively as in “killing their policy proposals”. Or maybe it’s someone else on all these tapes. Who knows.

In conclusion: There might or might not be multiple sex tapes starring Judge Ali Hameed, who might or might not be corrupt.


Who? South African musician-producer.

Real? No.

In June 2014, South African hiphop performer-producer DJ Black Coffee faced an extortion plot over an alleged sex tape. Once the plot was foiled and the extortionist arrested, local police declared that the sex tape never existed.

The alleged extortionist was a 23-year-old woman named Lerato Motseke. According to the Sunday World, Motseke was arrested

after threatening to leak the clip showing the award-winning musician bonking one of his fans.

A police officer, who cannot be named because he is not allowed to speak to the media, said Motseke downloaded the clip from a phone belonging to Black Coffee’s concubine at a restaurant in Welkom.

Black Coffee’s side dish allegedly left her cellphone with Motseke briefly, to go to the ladies’.

After downloading the clip, Motseke took down the DJ’s cellphone number.

Motseke then phoned Black Coffee after a few days and demanded that he pay her R100000 to buy her silence.

She threatened to leak the video on social media if he did not.

Black Coffee and his manager called the Johannesburg police, who arrested Motseke at the arranged payoff.

A few days later, the police captain in charge of the investigation announced, “The girl was lying about the sex tape. She was lying. She didn’t have it. We can now conclude that the sex tape doesn’t exist.”


Who? USHL hockey players.

Real? Yes.

The United States Hockey League has been around since the 1940s under various names and formats. Since 1980, it has been an exclusively amateur junior league in the upper midwest USA.

In June 2014, two 19-year-old players for the USHL’s Lincoln (Nebraska) Stars were arrested. A Fargo news outlet reported:

Two Lincoln Stars hockey players are charged after police say they made a sex tape with a 15-year-old girl and sent it to other hockey players. The investigation started in February when the Lincoln Stars were in town [ie, in Fargo] playing the Fargo Force.

Brandon Smith and Thomas Carey, who is a former Moorhead [Minnesota] hockey player, are now charged with three felonies each including possession of child pornography, dissemination of child pornography, and using a minor in a sexual performance.

Investigators say Smith and Carey recorded a cell phone video of one of them having sex with the underage girl in a Moorhead hotel room. The video was circulating around several other teams in the United States Hockey League.

A Twin Cities news outlet provided more detail on the accounts given to police by the girl and the two players.

She met Carey, a former Moorhead High School hockey player, on Facebook about a week before the game, court documents say, and went to the hotel with Carey and a female friend and some other Stars players.

The girl told a Moorhead police detective Feb. 28 that she was videotaped having sex with Carey and discovered afterward that it was being sent around when she began to receive messages from other hockey players and girls, who contacted her saying, “Nice video.”

She then contacted Smith, she told the detective, asking if there were any media circulating of her and Carey, and telling him to send her any videos or images, and to then delete them.

The players gave varying accounts about who had sex with the girl, who shot the video, whose phone was used to shoot the video, whether the girl consented to the videotaping, whether they forwarded the video to anyone else. Whatever happened, they’re both in serious trouble.


Jhonni Blaze Sex Tape

May 22, 2014

Who? Houston stripper, hiphop singer, possible future reality TV personality.

Real? Yes.

Jhonni Blaze is a stripper based in Houston, star of several twerking videos online, also an aspiring hiphop singer.

She made a few tabloid headlines in early 2014 for (a) giving lucrative lap dances to Rihanna and Drake, (b) dating Rich Dollaz (music promoter and semi-regular on reality show Love & Hip Hop), (c) being arrested on a fugitive warrant and questioned regarding the murder of her boyfriend (for the record, there’s no evidence she was involved), (d) feuding with Erica Mena (regular on Love & Hip Hop and Dollaz’s ex-girlfriend) and Keisha Cole on Twitter, and (e) being mentioned as possible cast member on Love & Hip Hop season five.

In the middle of all this, Jhonni Blaze had a series of sex tape rumors.

On April 24, 2014, Baller Alert posted:

A man claiming to be the ex-boyfriend of dancer Jhonni Blaze is shopping around a sex tape of her pleasuring herself with a (rather large) toy. I’ve gotten some pretty graphic photos in my email just now and all I can say is “Lord Jesus it’s a fire!” He’s asking $50,000 for the tape.

Baller Alert linked to five big, sharp, explicit photos from the video. Each has large “BlueStarLive” logos. Here’s one of the photos, scaled down:


Blue Star Live bills itself as the “premier modeling vlog site”, and Jhonni Blaze apparently shot five solo porn videos for them in 2013-2014. The Baller Alert photos were screenshots from her most recent BSL video, released a couple days earlier. So this isn’t exactly a “sex tape”, and it’s available for anyone to watch online for significantly less than $50,000. Nonetheless, many gossip sites repeated the story about a Jhonni Blaze sex tape being “shopped around”. Some sites claimed that Blaze herself was shopping the video.

Another sex tape rumor circulated around May 20, 2014, this time involving a full-blown hardcore boy-girl porn shoot. Once again, there were screenshots.


Notice the carpet — it’s the same carpet in the Blue Star Live solo video and this hardcore video. Jhonni Blaze also has very distinctive tattoos which are clearly recognizable in the screenshots.

Jhonni Blaze got ahead of the story on her (very active) Twitter feed. On May 18 she tweeted: “So….. someone is trying to black mail me so. I’m about to expose something because no one blast me before I do please forgive me”. Then on May 21 she dismissed the gossip storm: “Ha hoes fuckin for free worried bout a sex tape I did two years ago”, then later “Two year old tape I get threatened to be exposed for so why not do it my fuxkn self ? At least I ain’t fuck for a gift card”.

As far as ICSTDB can tell, this hardcore video is not available online yet. It looks like a semi-professional porn shoot. In the bottom left screenshot, you can see the dude jacking himself onto her face, a pretty clear sign that this was produced for porn.

At least one of Jhonni Blaze’s earlier twerking videos qualifies as softcore porn. It shows Blaze and another girl (who goes by the porn name “The Body XXX”) twerking naked in a bathtub, covered in soap suds, occasionally grinding and buttbopping each other. The camera occasionally zooms in for closeups on each girl’s genitals.


That’s Jhonni Blaze at left facing the camera.

So the basic facts are: Jhonni Blaze has done several porn shoots in the past, of varying degrees of explicitness. And she might be a featured player on Love & Hip Hop soon. She won’t the be the first person to transition from porn to reality TV, or vice versa, and she won’t be the last.

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