Lauren Goodger Sex Tape

August 18, 2014

Who? British reality TV personality.

Real? Maybe.

Lauren Goodger is most famous for appearing in seasons 1-6 of The Only Way is Essex, a British “scripted reality show” (comparable to The Hills in the US), from 2010 to 2012. Since then she has appeared on other reality shows and published the autobiography Secrets of an Essex Girl.

In late July 2014, Lauren Goodger informed British tabloids that a sex tape of her was circulating via mobile phone.

The 27-year-old was left mortified when she realised a video was being shared among her circle of friends of her performing a sex act on her ex-boyfriend, who she was with for two years, Jake Mclean.

But devastated Lauren claims she had no idea the six-second video even existed when it was leaked, along with her mobile phone number.

The revelation led to a predictable mad dash to locate and watch the sex tape. By the next day, many were speculating that the tape didn’t really exist.

But the critics were not hitting out at the former TOWIE star’s bedroom antics – they were in a flap as the clip proved impossible to find online.

One baffled Twitter user wrote: ‘Lauren Goodger has apparently got a sex tape that’s everywhere but I’m yet to see one link.’

Other commenters speculated that, if the video actually existed, Lauren Goodger probably filmed and/or released it herself for publicity.

Over the next few weeks, Lauren Goodger continued giving interviews and posting to social media about the sex tape. She also posted a series of sexy bikini selfies to Twitter and “accidentally” posted a naked butt photo. And she announced that she would appear on the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother, where she promised to “dish dirt” and “set the record straight” about her sex tape.

On August 18, the Daily Star tabloid responded to widespread skepticism by claiming to have seen the full video.

Prior to our exclusive, social networkers believed her Sun on Sunday exposé was a fake, in which she confessed to the newspaper about her ordeal.

One blasted: “I thought everyone knew the Lauren Goodger sex tape was a PR stunt for a TV show, it’s obvious since the video does not exist.”

While another declared: “It’s for ITV2 I believe. So people need to stop searching for this mythical Lauren Goodger sex tape as it doesn’t exist.”

And a third moaned: “Lauren Goodger’s ‘leaked sex tape’ must be the only leaked sex tape that isn’t online anywhere and that no-one has seen.”

We can now confirm the six-second delight is in our possession and we have seen it in all its glory.

The X-rated clip is too explicit to be published – believe us, we tried several attempts to pixelate it for you – and appears to have been filmed by Lozza’s ex, Jake McLean.

Like most everyone else, ICSTDB staffers have been unable to locate the alleged six-second Lauren Goodger sex tape. We remain doubtful that it actually exists.

The only evidence that does circulate is these two very blurry, censored screenshots. Some sites have highly pixellated versions, while the Daily Star cheekily covered the penis with a “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” sign. Nobody seems to have uncensored versions of these images. The fellatrix in these screenshots might or might not be Lauren Goodger, it’s impossible to tell.


Who? UK vacationer.

Real? Yes.

Magaluf is a resort town on the Spanish island of Majorca, known for its white sand beaches and wild nightlife. In recent times Magaluf has been notorious for binge drinking and obnoxious behavior by young British and Irish vacationers, many of whom come on package tours built around nightly club crawls and sponsored parties.

In early July 2014, a cellphone video shot inside a Magaluf club went viral and made headlines. The Mirror reported:

A video of a tourist – believed to be a British girl – performing sex acts on more than 20 men in return for a free drink in Magaluf has sparked outrage in Spain.

The horrifying footage – which lasts just over two and half minutes – shows the young blonde girl performing sex acts on men as they stand on a dancefloor.

Egged on by the person filming on a mobile phone, the girl moves from one man to another as music blares in the background.

It is said to be an example of ‘mamading’ – a game where bars encourage young women to perform sex acts in return for free alcohol.

The viral video star became known as “Magaluf Girl”. Tabloids soon identified the girl as Emily Gaythwaite, age 18 from Belfast.

Some sources number the men serviced at 24, though the video is so chaotic it’s hard to keep track. The guys mostly get 1-3 seconds of fellatio apiece on their non-erect penes.

Jay Gardner, a cast member on MTV reality show Geordie Shore (the Brit version of Jersey Shore), was at the club making a personal appearance that night. He can be seen in the video briefly, flashing his middle finger and keeping his pants on.

You can see the uncensored 159-second cellphone video here (for now). If that link dies, you’re on your own.

Much of the media chatter consisted of moral denunciations of Magaluf Girl, the 20-odd male revelers, the nightclub, the package tour organizers, Magaluf in general, young British tourists in general. Others defended Magaluf girl and denounced the “slut-shaming”.

Package tour operator “Carnage Magaluf” received plenty of outraged criticism and free publicity over the incident. Different sources identified the location as “Alex’s Bar” or “Playhouse”. The Magaluf city council fined the club and tour operator 55,000 Euros and shut them down for 12 months.


Kendall Jenner Sex Tape

July 30, 2014

Who? Reality TV star.

Real? No.

Kendall Jenner is the oldest daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner. She appears regularly on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its various spinoffs.

Kendall Jenner has been the subject of two sex tape rumors. Both rumors first appeared in gossip tabloids, and neither appears to have any substance.

In January 2013, Star magazine published a farfetched rumor attributed to a single anonymous insider source. A gossip website summarized and quoted from the Star article:

Star magazine alleges that Bruce – our resident Mr. Potato Head – is leaving Kris to protect Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Why would the Botox Boy attempt to protect their teenage daughters? Well, shut the door tight – and let’s have a kiki. This one is about shock you like Outer Limits never could.

A source reveals, “[Bruce is] worried [Kris] might encourage Kendall to make a sex tape – and that Kris would be pulling the strings behind the scenes, making sure that word gets out.” Dude, isn’t that borderline criminal? Last time we checked, promoting a sexually explicit video of a minor is a very serious crime. “That way, Kris could benefit financially from the publicity, just like she did with Kim’s infamous sex tape,” the source continues.

Tabloid articles making sensational claims based on anonymous sources are almost always bogus. And note that this isn’t even a bogus rumor about an actual Kendall Jenner sex tape. It’s a bogus rumor about Bruce FEARING that Kris MIGHT someday encourage Kendall to make a sex tape.

Then in July 2014, Australian tabloid NW put Kendall Jenner on its cover with the headline “Kendall’s Sex Tape Nightmare!” and subhead “The Kardashian teen breaks down … ‘How could this happen to me?’” and insert “OMG! She’s done a Kim?!”


Another gossip website points out:

This would all be very shocking and oh-em-gee worthy stuff. If it wasn’t all a load of complete poo.

Their ‘evidence’ seems to be a few photos of Kendall rolling around in a swimming cozzie on her bed, but the snaps in question are actually taken from her Instagram page.

NW has a website, but they don’t have the Kendall Jenner “sex tape nightmare” story posted there. Based on that cover and the fact that no other celebrity gossip outlets have picked up the story, it’s safe to assume there’s no story.


Who? Judge in The Maldives.

Real? Unknown.

In June 2014, Minivan News published a remarkable and confusing story about alleged sex tapes and alleged political corruption involving a prominent judge in The Maldives.

The Judicial Services Commission has today cleared Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed of misconduct charges, citing lack of evidence to indict him in a court for alleged appearance in three sex tapes involving three different foreign women.

* * *

The JSC also cited the police’s Forensic Service Directorate’s failure to confirm the identity of the man involved in the sex tapes in its decision to clear Hameed of charges.

So if ICSTDB understands correctly, there definitely were three sex tapes floating around The Maldives. There were rumors that Ali Hameed was the man in all three sex tapes, but the video tech at CSI Maldives could not find clear proof either way.

The political context for the scandal is hard to follow if you’re not up on Maldives politics.

The Maldives Police Services formally launched an investigation in July 2013 after still images of the sex tape, alleged to show the judge committing adultery with an unidentified foreign woman, began circulating on social media.

* * *

Shortly afterwards, two more videos appearing to show Hameed engaging in sexual relations with two more foreign women were leaked on social media.

Business tycoon and former JSC member Gasim Ibrahim in July dismissed the sex tape as fake and an attempt at blackmail.

Gasim placed third in the first round of presidential polls in September and asked the High Court to annul the first round of polls.

The Supreme Court took over the case and ordered a revote claiming widespread vote fraud, with Hameed one of the four judges forming the majority verdict.

Images and symbols depicting scenes from the sex-tape formed a prominent part of protests against the court’s repeated interference in the subsequent round of polls.

The possible political corruption gets even crazier.

The room and date stamp in the sex tapes appear to be the same as that in previously leaked footage of Hameed meeting a local businessman Mohamed Saeed, the director of ‘Golden Lane’.

In that video, Hameed asserts that he was one of then Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen’s “back-ups”, and that his stand was “to do things the way Yameen wants”.

* * *

One of the men claims to have heard plans to “kill off” leader of former Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and refers to a “second person to be killed,” however, due to the unclear audio it is not clear what the parties are referring to, or the context of the “killing”.

The person believed to be Hameed then promises, “If it comes into my hands, I will kill him off.”

So the alleged sex tapes might be also be “talking about murdering political rivals tapes”. Or maybe they meant “killing” figuratively as in “killing their policy proposals”. Or maybe it’s someone else on all these tapes. Who knows.

In conclusion: There might or might not be multiple sex tapes starring Judge Ali Hameed, who might or might not be corrupt.


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