Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

April 18, 2014

Who? Reality TV personality.

Real? Yes.

Farrah Abraham was one of the stars of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant reality series in 2009 as well as the spinoff Teen Mom, which ran four seasons from 2009 to 2012. She published an autobiography called My Teenage Dream Ended in August 2012, right around the airing of the series finale.

In May 2013, Vivid released a Farrah Abraham sex tape entitled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, which showed Abraham having sex with pornstar James Deen. As hinted by the “backdoor” title, the video features anal sex.


Vivid, Farrah Abraham and the celebrity gossip media played the usual coy promo games when the sex tape got released. Abraham claimed it was a private home video which somehow leaked, and she publicly threatened to sue Vivid. The studio billed the video as “the private tape made public”. Gossip sites duly reported that James Deen was “her boyfriend”.

It’s far more likely that Abraham signed a contract with Vivid, then shot the video expressly for commercial release.

The Farrah Abraham sex tape became one of Vivid’s hottest properties ever, and “backdoor teen mom” became a pop culture punchline. In February 2014, Vivid released a sequel entitled Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, again co-starring James Deen.

What kind of “more”, you ask? “Watch Farrah get banged in the butt over a sex swing & totally raunchy on a stripper pole.” Also James Deen spanks Farrah Abraham this time around. And more anal, of course.

Vivid has promotional pages with teaser pics and videos for both releases:

Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom – 15 photos | 4 video clips

Farrah 2: Backdoor and More – 15 photos | 4 video clips


Johnny Carson Sex Tape

April 16, 2014

Johnny-Carson-sex-tape Who? Legendary late night talk show host.

Real? Probably yes, but unlikely to circulate publicly.

Johnny Carson was the host of The Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992. During the 1970s he was the highest-paid performer and by far the most popular talk show host on TV.

In March 2014, TMZ reported that a Johnny Carson sex tape from the 1970s was being shopped around to private collectors. TMZ based its story on unnamed but “very solid sources”.

Multiple sources tell us, the tape owner approached the Carson estate in September to make a deal for the footage — the estate said take a hike, and threatened to sue the owner if he ever sold it.

According to sources who’ve seen it, the tape appears to be one of his wives — it’s unclear which one. The tape opens with a naked dark-haired Carson masturbating by a pool — then shows the woman (with a bouffant hairdo) going all Linda Lovelace.

It goes on for about 5 minutes — then we’re told it cuts to a 20-minute sex scene in Johnny’s bedroom … and Johnny does NOT hold back.

Oh yeah, we’re also told he’s hung like a horse — seriously, porn star status. One source said it was at least 10 inches.

TMZ has earned more credibility than most celebrity gossip media. Unlike many other outlets, it does not routinely run bogus clickbait stories attributed to a single anonymous “source close to …”. TMZ’s confidence, multiple sources (so they say) and level of detail lead ICSTDB to believe this story could be true.

Without approval by the Carson estate, such a video could not be released commercially. For that reason, the owner is shopping the Johnny Carson sex tape to private collectors.

If it sells, the new owner would presumably keep the video private and not let the contents circulate publicly. Maybe store the original in a safe and show it to friends occasionally. What’s the point of paying big $$$ for a Johnny Carson sex tape if the whole world gets to see it free?

None of the news stories indicate in what format the sex tape was produced. Super 8 film? Early consumer-grade video? Professional quality video (to which Johnny Carson would certainly have had access)? The geek in me wants to know.

TMZ ran a followup story a few days later, in which Joan Rivers revealed a “one night bounce” with Johnny Carson way back when, and confirmed that his penis was indeed huge.


Vivid is set to release another sex tape featuring reality TV stars. The studio will release Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta in the Vivid.com members area on April 21, then start selling the DVD on April 29.

Mimi Faust and Nikko are stars of the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, which “follows the lives and loves of the Atlanta hip hop personalities as they fight obstacles and competition in their quest for fame and fortune”.


From the press release: “Mimi is a businesswoman and Nikko is a music entrepreneur who has worked with some of the top names in music. Vivid said the pair have steamy sex in a hotel room chair, engage in some ‘backdoor teasing’ and wrap it up in a hot shower session.”

According to TMZ, Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch “says Love & Hip Hop producers also gave their blessing … presumably in an effort to spice up the reality show for next season.” That has probably been true of other reality TV performers doing sex tapes, but it’s interesting to see this “blessing” openly acknowledged.

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Chris Christie Sex Tape

April 13, 2014

Who? New Jersey governor.

Real? No.

In March 2014, Gawker ran a long post about an alleged Chris Christie sex tape which some sleazy political hack tried to sell them. The Chris Christie Gangbang Sex Tape That Wasn’t.

As the post title indicates, Gawker investigated and debunked the story. The video being billed as a Chris Christie sex tape was actually just a porn clip from 2000 starring some unnamed woodsman who looks like a younger, thinner Chris Christie.

Gawker author John Cook summarizes the political hack’s spiel:

After showing me the stills, Bill told me a story. Roughly a year ago, he said, he was doing some research on the mob. Just out of personal interest. During the course of this research, he read somewhere that some mob families would occasionally initiate new members by forcing them to engage in acts of group sex (generally multiple male partners on one woman), and filming them. The idea, I guess, is a “team building” exercise that could also serve as a convenient blackmail tool if the need for leverage were to arise.

In any event, after reading about this practice, Bill Googled “mob gangbang initiation.” As he scrolled through the search results, he told me, he came across a pornographic video—a 17-minute edit of a longer film. It featured four men engaging in sex acts with one woman. And there, in the background, flitting across a screen that was filled with close-up shots of various organs, was a face he recognized. Chris Christie’s face.

The guy in the video was not Chris Christie. The video in question was not a “mob gangbang initiation”, it was part of a cheapo 2000 porn flick called Sloppy Seconds, Volume 5.

Here at ICSTDB we call this species of sex tape rumor a “found lookalike fake”. Someone stumbles across a porn scene and thinks “hey, that sort of looks like [famous person]” and starts a rumor. Sometimes it’s all a joke, as with the so-called Taylor Lautner sex tape. Sometimes it starts as a joke, then dimwits turn it into a real rumor, as with the Meg White lookalike sex tape. Sometimes gossip sites promote found lookalike fakes for click-bait, as with the Bow Wow sex tape rumor.

But this is the first case we’ve come across of “found lookalike fake as political dirty tricks campaign”.

Kudos to Gawker author John Cook for a great piece of journalism.


Aquinas Tawiah-Quansah Sex Tape

April 12, 2014

Who? Ghanaian politician. Real? Yes. Aquinas Tawiah-Quansah previously served as Deputy Central Regional Minister and Member of Parliament in the Ghana government. In 2012, he competed for a parliament seat against incumbent Stephen Asamoah-Boateng. Days before the election in November 2012, a sex tape appeared online showing Aquinas Tawiah-Quansah with a female college student named […]

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Prince Harry Sex Tape

April 12, 2014

Who? British royalty. Real? No. On Friday night, 2012 August 17 (and well into the morning of August 18), Prince Harry hosted a wild party in his Las Vegas hotel suite. Party games included strip billiards. One partygoer snapped some cellphone photos of Prince Harry cavorting naked and sold them to celebrity gossip mags. A […]

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Demi Lovato + Wilmer Valderrama Sex Tape

April 10, 2014

Who? American singer and TV actor. Real? Maybe, but nothing circulates publicly. Someone has been shopping alleged nude photos of Demi Lovato since summer 2013. Celebslam posted some teasers in heavily distorted form in August 2013. Other gossip sites reportedly previewed the photos and declined to purchase and publish, because they were not convinced of […]

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Meera Sex Tape

April 10, 2014

Who? Pakistani actress. Real? Possibly real, possibly lookalike fake. Meera is a major Pakistani model and movie star. She won Best Actress statuettes at the Nigar Awards (basically the Pakistani Oscars) in 1996 and 2001. She has crossed over to work in Indian films as well. In 2011 Meera starred in a reality TV show […]

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Jonathan Lee Riches lawsuits allege strange new Kardashian sex tapes

April 9, 2014

In the summer of 2012, a nutjob named Jonathan Lee Riches, aka Gino Romano, filed a series of bizarre lawsuits against celebrities. He has been doing this for years. In 2009 the Guinness Book of World Records named Riches the most litigious person in the world. He sued them. In his 2012 rampage, Romano/Riches was […]

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Tami Erin Sex Tape

April 9, 2014

Who? Former child actress. Real? Yes. Born in 1974, Tami Erin signed with Elite Model Management at age 8. She is most famous for playing the title role in the 1988 film The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. For whatever reason, she did not appear onscreen again until her mid 20s. In October 2013, Tami […]

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