Anna Jandrasopark Sex Tape

Jamp Anna Jandrasopark

Jamp w Anna Jandrasopark

Who? Thai pop singer.

Real? Yes.

Anna Jandrasopark first made it big as part of a Thai teen pop group Teen 8 Grade A, which included four boys and four girls. Later the four girls formed a band called JAMP (Jennifer, Anna, Michele and Por), which had two hit albums and toured widely. All four moved on to solo careers with varying success.

There are plenty of JAMP group photos online, but I’m not exactly sure which one is Anna. Any Thai pop fans who can help out?

The Anna Jandrasopark sex tape story goes: her boyfriend took his computer in for repair, left their sex tape on the hard drive, and a repairman copied the sex tape.

The full Anna Jandrasopark sex tape runs 50 minutes, though shorter versions circulate. The tape shows Anna and boyfriend frolicking on a hotel room bed.

Anna Jamp Jandrasopark sex tape

Anna Jamp Jandrasopark sex tape

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