Deelishis (London Charles) Sex Tape

Who? American reality TV star, singer.

Real? She says the tape existed, but it has not circulated.

London Charles (nee Chandra Davis) was a contestant on the second season of Flavor of Love on VH1, where Flavor Flav gave her the nickname “Deelishis”. She ended up winning the show. Sadly, her romance with Flav didn’t survive long past the end of the show. She has since launched a music and modeling career.

In May 2009, she told a radio interviewer that she made a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend years earlier. She was in love, they had a long-distance relationship, she wanted him to have something to remember her by, blah blah blah. I can’t tell if there were sex tape rumors that the interviewer asked her about, or if Deelishis volunteered the sex tape info on her own.

Some hiphop sites reported her interview comments as “Deelishis begs old boyfriend not to release sex tape”, other sites as “Deelishis tells old boyfriend to go ahead and release sex tape”. So I’m not exactly sure what she said. In any case, the Deelishis sex tape has not gone public yet.

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