Maria Eva + Yahya Zaini Sex Tape

Who? Indonesian singer; Indonesian politician.

Real? Yes.

This sex tape started to circulate in Indonesia in 2006. Yahya Zaini was a (male, married) high-ranking figure in the Golkar poltiical party. Maria Eva was a (female, much younger) popular “dangdut” singer (that’s a genre of Indonesian pop music).

The Maria Eva – Yahya Zaini sex tape shows the couple having sex in a hotel room. It looks like it was shot on a cellphone. At first both of them denied being the people in the sex tape.

However, Maria Eva soon admitted in a television interview that the sex tape was real. She said that she and Yahya Zaini had a long-term affair, and that they had shot the cellphone sex video in 2004. Maria Eva also tearfully claimed that she had gotten pregnant by Zaini, who had pressured her to have an abortion.

Yahya Zaini resigned his position as head of Golkar’s religious affair’s committee in disgrace. Local police questioned Maria Eva over her suspected role in releasing the video, but she was never charged.

Some articles claim the video runs five or ten minutes, but the only version I’ve seen runs 40 seconds. Watch it here in tube form under the excellent title “Sexy Ass In Smiley Panties”.

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