Scott Schwartz Sex Tape

Who? Former child actor, best known for A Christmas Story.

Real? Yes, he shot one hardcore scene for a 1990s porn film.

After starring in the holiday classic A Christmas Story (1983) at age 14, Scott Schwartz appeared in a handful of movies and after-school specials but never made it big. By 1990 his mainstream acting career had pretty much ended.

In the 1990s, Scott Schwartz pursued a new career in the porn industry. He appeared in roughly 20 films, almost always in non-sex roles. The one big XXX exception was Scotty’s X-rated Adventure (1996), in which Schwartz did a sex scene with pornstar Juli Ashton. His difficulty maintaining an erection on-camera likely contributed to this being a one-off performance.

That scene with Juli Ashton occasionally shows up online as the Scott Schwartz sex tape, aka The Kid From A Christmas Story Did a Porno!!!

Around 2000, Schwartz left adult entertainment in hopes of breaking back into mainstream acting. In 2006, Susannah Breslin interviewed Scott Schwartz for Nerve.

How did the scene go?

I gave it the cold college try. Juli [Ashton] originally was not even in my top five people I wanted to do it with. I wanted to do it with someone I had more chemistry with. They said, “What about Juli?” I said, “Okaaay.” I said, “Can I talk to her?” We went out to lunch with her, and people will probably criticize me for saying this, but there was no sexual vibe that made me think I want to do this project with this person.

[During the scene], I sank just about as fast as the Titanic. The only time in my life I could not get sexually excited. We tried. She tried. It just didn’t work. I give Juli all the praise in the world. There’s no real hardcore sex in the scene. It’s just a lot of fluff. There was no finale. It was completely ridiculous. As a man, at twenty-seven, for that to happen is really demoralizing, so to say it was a great disappointment is an understatement.

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