Sophie Anderson Sex Tape

Who? English model, reality TV personality

Real? Unsure. The tape might have existed, but it never circulated publicly.

Sophie Anderton was a top British model for years until drug problems and scandal nearly ruined her career. Since 2004, she has appeared on several British reality shows, including I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here!, Fear Factor and Love Island.

During her modelling years she developed a cocaine addiction. From 2001 to 2004, she had a tumultuous romantic relationship with Australian football star (and fellow druggie) Mark Bosnich.

In March 2007, many gossip sites reported that a Sophie Anderton sex tape with Mark Bosnich was being shopped around and could leak to the internet soon. An anonymous friend told tabloids, “Sophie’s been told that the tape is going to be sold to the highest bidder so she’s hoping she can get there first. She’s frantic with worry about the tape coming out. It was one they made together ages ago. Mark told her that it had been destroyed, but somehow it has re-emerged. She has no idea where it is now or who has seen it. If it comes to light, which it looks like it will, it’s going to be hugely damaging and very embarrassing for Sophie.”

As far as I can tell, the Sophie Anderton – Mark Bosnich sex tape never circulated. Google searches turn out countless reports of the tape’s allegedly imminent appearance, but no accounts of the tape actually circulating. Either the tape rumors were bogus, or they somehow managed to block its distribution.

Anderton faced a bigger scandal in November 2007. British tabloid News of the World exposed her sideline as a high-priced prostitute in an hidden camera sting. Anderton met the NotW reporter (posing as a rich American) in a hotel room, offered to fuck him for £10,000, called her dealer to score some cocaine and snorted several lines herself. Watch the Sophie Anderton hotel room sting via Google video.

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