Kesha Sex Tape

Who? American pop singer.

Real? No, just a bogus rumor invented by a gossip blogger.

Pop singer Kesha (sometimes spelled Ke$ha, yo) rocketed to stardom in 2009 with a “featuring” credit on Flo Rida’s song “Right Round”, then her own hit single “Tik Tok”. Her album Animal debuted at #1 in January, 2010.

On March 17, 2010, Canadian gossip blogger Zack Taylor posted a story entitled “Photos of Ke$ha having sex have leaked online!!” The post included a photo montage juxtaposing one legitimate photo of Ke$ha with two blurry photos that look vaguely like Ke$ha.

Kesha Ke$ha sex tape nude pics Zack Taylor

Kesha sex tape nude pics - photo montage posted at

The story at claimed the two smaller photos showed “what appears to be singer Kesha engaging in sexual intercourse and other fun stuff with an unknown man!!” The story also claimed there “are a lot more where these came from.” A bunch of other gossip sites reported the Kesha sex tape rumor.

Representatives for Kesha dismissed the story and denied Kesha was the woman in the sex photos. After some quick legal wrangling, Zack Taylor removed the photos and posted a retraction and apology. A bunch of other gossip sites reported the denial and retraction.

This is actually the third time Zack Taylor has launched a blatantly bogus sex tape rumor. See also Katrina Darrell sex tape and Jimmy Kimmel + Sarah Silverman sex tape. The big question is, Why do other sites keep reporting Zack Taylor’s sex tape stories so unskeptically?

In January 2010, Entertainment Weekly asked Kesha about the possibility of a sex tape.

On whether there is nefarious video out there that could surface in the future: “Oh, sex? No. I’m so not a slut. No. No, no, no. No sex tapes. I mean, there might be a tape of me kicking a parking meter, but like…I just get stupid. A lot of people, and you can attest to this now since we’ve hung out, but it’s not me being messed up, I kind of just always act like this. People always think I’m drunk or messed up. I’m not. I just am a little bit out of my mind.”

A Kesha sex tape would not be that big a surprise, maybe if her second album tanks. But for now it doesn’t exist.

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  • rico November 12, 2010, 11:26 am

    i just ave to say that i think that kesha has a hot ass and id like to do that body any day and I only wish i could right now.

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