Bow Wow Sex Tape

Who? Rapper, actor.

Real? No.

On May 31, 2010, hiphop gossip site posted this blind item: just received a report that in the next DAY OR SO a video showing a TOP HIP HOP STAR engaged in an EXPLICIT ACT with another dude will be hitting the net.

According to a tipster, the rapper had a very BAD BREAKUP with his male companion. And so dude decided to put him ON BLAST!!!

We’re not sure WHAT to think . . . but see the below SCREENSHOT of the tape . . . and decide for YOURSELF . . .

Here’s the screenshot supposedly received from a tipster:

mediatakeout mystery rapper sextape still 20100531

Mystery Rapper Sex Tape Still 2010-05-31

Most MTO commenters assumed the bottom in the still image was supposed to be Bow Wow. Some blogs vectored the MTO rumor with the mystery removed — “Bow Wow gay sex tape leaked!”

Many people were rightfully skeptical. Some pointed out that the sex tape guy lacks Bow Wow’s distinctive tattoos.

Pretty soon some commenters and bloggers identified the bottom as gay pornstar Kidd and the top as gay pornstar Castro Supreme (sometimes just billed as Supreme). The mystery picture posted at MediaTakeOut is actually a still frame from the gay XXX flick Love of the Dick 6: Making It Last (scene #4).

Before the full truth came out, ICSTDB posted:

ICSTDB’s best guess: it’s a still frame from some gay porn video, not a sex tape involving any famous rapper, and MTO decided to post a fraudulent sex tape rumor to generate hype and hits. This sort of “anonymous emailer sent us this rumor + pic, we don’t know if it’s legit, but we’ll post it and let you decide” post is an easy way to do that. You get the sensational headline without making any legally actionable factual claim. At worst, you might have to post a retraction later. It’s lame but effective.

Take anything posted at MediaTakeOut with a grain of salt

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