Junior Capsula Sex Tape

José Figueroa Agosto, aka Junior Capsula

José Figueroa Agosto, aka Junior Capsula

Who? Caribbean drug kingpin.

Real? Yes.

Fugitive drug lord José Figueroa Agosto, better known as “Junior Capsula”, was arrested in Puerto Rico in July 2010. He had spent eleven years on the lam, mostly in Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, after escaping from prison in 1999. Dominican police almost caught him in Santo Domingo in September 2009.

Soon after his arrest, street merchants started selling a Junior Capsula sex tape on DVD in the Dominican Republic. The 28-minute video shows him having sex with various women, all filmed from a static camera with a wide-angle lens in the same room.

Guanabee noted, “What makes this story even juicier is that the footage was confiscated from his property when Capsula escaped a police chase through the streets of Santo Domingo in September. This means, of course, that it was likely someone on the force who leaked the footage.”

As of August 5, 2010, Dominican police have arrested seventeen people for helping distribute the Junior Capsula sex tape.

The full 28-minute tape is floating around torrent and upload sites. Also available from Santo Domingo street vendors for $3 a DVD, if that’s more convenient for you.

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