Stunner Sex Tape

Who? Zimbabwean rapper.

Real? Yes.

If you don’t follow Zimbabwean hiphop all that closely, trust me, Stunner is huge there.

In late November 2011, photos from an alleged sex tape featuring Stunner with socialite girlfriend Pokello Nare briefly appeared online. Zimbabwe’s top tabloid, H-Metro, managed to track down the photos. The front page story in H-Metro‘s December 5 issue printed the photos and dished all the sleazy details. The story’s popularity crashed the tabloid’s website, but the story was reprinted elsewhere.

H-Metro cover (2011 Dec 5) Stunner Pokello sextape

H-Metro is in possession of the hot candid sex tape photos that were temporarily splashed on the internet for about 30 minutes before being deleted. The location of the sex romp could NOT be established but H-Metro moles said they were shot at Stunner’s Avondale house where he is technically living in with Pokello who is a well known socialite and one of the ‘rich’ girls in town.

Stunner initially DENIED the existence of these pictures before H-Metro laid hands on them. “My man I know NOTHING about any pictures; I have never taken pictures in the bedroom and I am in fact surprised about what you are talking about,” said Stunner who was declaring that he does NOT ‘kiss and tell’ nor record his quality moments.

H-Metro relentlessly scouted for the pictures via different methods including social networking forums prompting Stunner to backtrack to the media. He phoned this reporter on Wednesday night fuming in a clear indication that he was now owning up to the existence of the raunchy pictures;

“Is that how you operate, getting into my private life influencing people to break into my house and take my pictures? Ndomashandiro acho here iwayo gen’a?” fumed Stunner.

H-Metro eventually got hold of the pictures and positively identified Stunner and his alleged socialite girlfriend Pokello on Thursday night and Stunner was now evasive. He would pick up the phone and continuously say ‘hello, hello’ as if the reception was inaudible.

The person behind the ‘landmark’ leakage could not be immediately identified but H-Metro investigations, though unsubstantiated, revealed that Pokello’s friend only identified as Mercy is the one who leaked the pictures to the internet after she had beef with her […] Our mole said Mercy got possession of the pictures from Stunner’s phone.

It’s not clear if Stunner and Pokello made a full-blown sex tape or just took photos. If there was video on Stunner’s phone, why wouldn’t Mercy have just leaked the video file rather than select screenshots?

Stunner sex tape with Pokello Nare photo

Stunner sex tape with Pokello Nare photo

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