UNT Sex Tape

Who? Four students at UNT (allegedly).

Real? Yes.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2011, a sextape starring four University of North Texas students was posted to Twitvid. #UNTsextape briefly became a trending topic as Twitter users forwarded the link. The video disappeared later that day.

According to the UNT student newspaper, North Texas Daily, “The video, which has since been taken down on TwitVid, shows three men and one woman engaging in oral sex in front of a small crowd of people. The video was filmed in Denton, according to tweets by UNT students.”

Several people posted the woman’s name, and someone posted an alleged screenshot of her Twitter feed. None of the dudes were outed.

ICSTDB has not seen the UNT sex tape. Two sources describe the action as the woman “receiving oral pleasure from multiple guys”. If true, we applaud these young people for sex tape originality. The cunnilingus gangbang is an underrepresented genre in the sex tape world.

A UNT administrator responded, “UNT is aware of the traffic on Twitter and is investigating. UNT is committed to providing its students with a safe, challenging and vibrant educational experience. Activities that do not support the educational development and positive growth of our students are not supported by the university.” Blah blah blah. What could be more safe, challenging and vibrant than a sex tape sweeping Twitter for several hours?

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