Maia Campbell rumor at Media Takeout

Media Takeout has posted a creepy new celebrity sex tape rumor.

EXTREME SEXTAPE!!! Hood Dudes Are Shopping A New SEXTAPE . . . Allegedly Showing Actress Maia Campbell . . . And 20 DUDES!!! (But Was It SEX . . . Or RAPE????)

March 29, 2012: Actress Maia Campbell may be on the road to RECOVERY, but a group of LOS ANGELES men are still trying to DRAG HER name into the dirt. received a PREVIEW of a DVD that will soon be up for sale.

The grainy video shows what appears to be actress Maia Campbell having sex with as many as TWENTY MEN. And get this, the girl in the video appears to be UNCONSCIOUS for some of the acts.

We made the editorial decision NOT to show any of the images. As far as we’re concerned if a woman is NOT CONSCIOUS while she’s having sex with dudes, that’s a GANG RAPE and not a GANG BANG!!

Media Takeout posts speculative sex tape stories all the time. They never turn out to be true. Maybe MTO makes this stuff up for titillation or traffic, maybe they’re just really gullible, who knows. No one should take a MTO story like this seriously for a second.

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