Nancy Ajram Sex Tape

Who? Lebanese pop singer.

Real? There’s a video, but it’s not a “sex tape”.

Nancy Ajram started her singing career young, appearing on child competition shows on Lebanese TV from age 8 and releasing her first CD at age 15. She has since become a very successful pop singer in the Arab world.

In 2006, someone secretly filmed and released a voyeur video of Nancy Ajram at a hair removal salon. The video shows Ajram naked except for a white bra, while two female beauticians apply treatment to her butt or rear upper thigh. (Some sources say Ajram was getting “laser hair removal” treatment, others call it a “bikini wax” or “Brazilian wax”.) Ajram talks and laughs with the workers and occasionally squeals in pain.

Nancy Ajram hair removal salon voyeur video

Nancy Ajram hair removal salon voyeur video

The jerky, blurry video runs about 90 seconds, probably shot with a mobile phone camera. The private session was filmed through a window and set of venetian blinds, which someone held open just enough to peep.

The voyeur has never been identified. Speculation focused on the friend who accompanied Ajram to the salon or possibly a salon employee.

This video is sometimes labeled Nancy Ajram sex tape, but it doesn’t really fit our definition of “sex tape” since salon hair removal treatment is not generally considered “sex”. Nancy Ajram expressed outrage at the violation of her privacy, and she’s got a point.

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