Shahida Mini Sex Tape

Who? Pakistani actress-singer.

Real? Unknown; the tape is real, but she denies being the woman in the tape.

Shahida Mini (sometimes spelled “Minni”) was a very prominent actress and singer in Pakistan in the late 1980s and 1990s.

The supposed Shahida Mini sex tape dates to the late 1980s. There’s a time stamp visible on the video reading “19 7 1989″ or “21 7 1989″ or “24 7 1989″ at different points, indicating it was shot over several sessions in July 1989. The video runs 35 minutes, shot by a single camera on a tripod. It’s a standard one man, one woman, one bed, multiple acts & positions home sex tape.

The video circulated in Pakistan on black-market videocassettes. Surviving copies look like old, multi-generation VHS tapes — fuzzy, grainy, washed out.

Shahida Mini sex tape

Shahida Mini sex tape

Shahida Mini always denied being the woman in the sex tape. Is it really her or just an unknown lookalike? ICSTDB really has no idea.

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