Pooja Lama Sex Tape

Who? Nepali singer/actress.

Real? Yes.

The Pooja Lama sex tape leaked to the Nepali public in late October 2009. The 83-second video was shot on a cellphone in Lama’s bedroom by her then-boyfriend DJ Sisir Sangtang.

The video opens on Pooja Lama kneeling on her bed while Sisir Sangtang lies on his back holding the camera. About fifteen seconds in, Sisir Sangtang tilts down to reveal his boner. Around the one-minute mark, Lama leans forward and commences licking that boner. And that’s it.

Pooja Lama Sex Tape Nepal

Pooja Lama Sex Tape Nepal

A friend of Sisir Sangtang copied the video from Sangtang’s mobile phone, then forwarded it to others via MMS. That’s the story, at least. Pretty soon the video went viral in Nepal, and eventually it reached the internet.

Pooja Lama and Sisir Sangtang got married a week or two after the video leaked, which lessened the scandal somewhat. The following year Pooja Lama converted to Islam.

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