Sydney Leathers Pondering Sex Tape For Vivid?

TMZ reports that Sydney Leathers, currently in the news as one of Anthony Weiner’s online flirtations, spent time at Vivid HQ in Los Angeles with company head Steve Hirsch.

This sighting has naturally led to speculation that Syndey Leathers may be looking to cash in on her fifteen minutes of fame by making a sex tape for Vivid.

Meanwhile, Leathers spent Tuesday trashing Weiner on the Howard Stern Show. Sample quotes:

“I mean as funny as it would be to have a Mayor Carlos Danger, I think he’s a little too busy jerking off to do anything for the city.”

“Okay, how are you going to be mayor of New York City if you’re cumming like five times a day?”

Ouch. So I guess she’s over him.

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