Joseline Hernandez Sex Tape

Who? Reality TV personality.

Real? Yes.

Joseline Hernandez has been a main cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on VH1 since its debut on June 18, 2012.

A week before the first episode aired, a rumor spread online that Joseline Hernandez was “really a man”, i.e., a MTF transsexual still possessing male genitalia. Blogger Sandra Rose published an anonymous letter stating “I have solid proof that ‘Joseline Hernandez’ of Love Hip Hop Atlanta was born a man. ‘Joe’ and I went to the same high school.” (Post since removed.) After the episode, one gossip site wrote, “The drama on the show revolves around Stevie J’s relationship with MiMi Faust, his girlfriend/baby mama but I predict the REAL drama will begin once it’s finally revealed that Joseline is really a dude.

Joseline Hernandez responded on Twitter: “I am 100% woman. I’m clearly perfect cause that’s the only ya’ll can say since I air my dirty laundry on TV. F*ck ya’ll haters.” And to back it up, she posted a full-body nude photo of herself.

On June 20, 2012, World Star Hiphop posted a four-minute video of Joseline Hernandez posing nude. WSHH’s caption read, “For you doubters who don’t believe this is Joseline Hernandez .. this old footage was recorded way before the VH1 show. Compare the tattoo close to her pelvis area & match it up with her NUDE photo she recently leaked on her twitter account.”


The video looks like a professional softcore glamour shoot. Hernandez plays to the camera, she’s wearing lots of makeup and jewelry, there’s a wind machine blowing her hair. The finished video intercuts at least three different nude shoots, set in different rooms with Hernandez wearing different lingerie and jewelry in each.

It’s not exactly a “sex tape” since Hernandez performs solo throughout, but there are enough self-pleasuring gestures and close-ups of her crotch that it’s close enough.

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